I (heart) Librarians

I had an excellent visit with two very fine librarians today at the Carleton University Library.  Not only are librarians my heroes and some of my finest friends, they are also superheroes!  (That link was a bit forced and gratuitous, but aligns with some of my research interests, so deal wif [sic] it.)  I’ve had librarians help me with teaching, ordering books, and research, not to mention life coaching over coffee!  Plus, they are usually running around opposing censorship and invasions of privacy.  Keep up the good work, librarians of the world!

The inspiration for this post came from a recent visit to the library.  I had the enjoyable opportunity to work with two Carleton librarians in particular who are incredibly approachable and generally fantastic.  An inspirational and encouraging subject specialist helped me find some crazy awesome maps of Nunavut and Alaska

(I told the librarian that I should make her a co-author.  It’s impossible to thank her in my acknowledgements since I’m already dedicating my dissertation to “all the single ladies.”  What a dilemma.)

I don’t have a thesis statement yet (see earlier post), but I do have some great images to work with!  We found really cool stuff in the MADGIC (Maps, Data, and Government Information Centre) section of the library.

[It has been brought to my attention by a good friend that posting half-formed ideas about my dissertation in the public forum of the World Wide Web is a carte blanche invitation to plagiarism and other disasters.  As such, I have REDACTED the content that was formerly here.  Please feel free to get in touch via email regarding collaborative projects or discussions on cultural cartography and maps!  In the future, I will be documenting the process of dissertating rather than the content that I hope to one day publish for, you know, cold hard cash.]

The images make fascinating truth-claims!  A lot of the ideas that I talked about with the maps librarian come up in J. Krygier and D. Wood’s comic-book style scholarly piece on the expressive possibilities of cartography, “Ce n’est pas le monde” (2009).  You should check that out, because it is interesting and the basis for much of what I plan to discuss in future posts.

The moral is that I am SO EXCITED about my dissertation topic and I think it’s a super-fantastic area of research, because crazy things are happening in maps of the north.  I’d also like to give a big shout-out to great librarians for their support of graduate students in their musings.

I even included all of my own links this time.  So there ya go.

EDIT: I have since updated my dissertation topic!

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2 Responses to I (heart) Librarians

  1. canstud says:

    I find your unwavering dedication to the “single ladies” to be blatant discrimination against people who didn’t know how to spell blatant until 2 seconds ago.

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