If you tell one joke but you get two laughs, you’re still coming out ahead

Conferencing it up down in Texas.  I have been called “ma’am” twice.  I have eaten tacos twice.  I have enjoyed margaritas thrice.  Texas is nice!

Finding random roommates on the interweb has worked out well once again, as I had a breakfast, lunch, and wander buddy for much of the day between panels.  My folklore presentation went well, with fairly superb early morning turnout (5 non-panelists, 3 other panelists, and the panel chair were there).

My joke was about folklorist W.R.S. Ralston trying to sell his 1873 book, Gypsy Folk Tales at Barnes and Noble.  My other joke was inadvertent, and I don’t remember what it was, but I really like making people laugh, so I’m counting this one as a win.

I love researching Canada for lots of reasons, including that people often:

(a) think I’m a Canadian (and wacky antics ensue!),

(b) ask me about Canada (and zany story telling ensues!), or

(c) tell me things about Canada.

All of these things happened today, but the latter took place first thing this morning when my panel chair, who recently moved to Oklahoma told me: “People in Texas always joke that Oklahoma is the Canada of Texas.  But I’ve come to find out that it’s true.  Oklahoma is quieter, humbler, and just overall a better place to live.”  I helpfully added, “Plus, they have obnoxious neighbo(u)rs,” and he was quick to agree.

[Please note: I like Texas.  See Paragraph #1 above.  But I like telling jokes (even Internet jokes) more than I like eating Peeps at Easter.  That is to say, quite a lot.]

So much fun and it’s not even Friday, Friday, bowl, cereal, etc. yet!  (I’m trying to make Rebecca Black the new Rick Roll.)

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