My goals are threefold and alphabetical: to amuse, bemuse, and confuse

Part of my effort to attain these goals involves a fairly loosey goosey Internet privacy policy.  Most of my information is public on Facebook, and my name (such as it will be when the paperwork goes through) is attached to this blag, my twits, my email address, and any other blags I have floating around.  [I learned the term “blag,” what I think is a portmanteau of ‘blah blah blah’ and ‘blog,’ from  I refer to Twittering as twitting because, to me, it is a forum more for twit than for tweet.]

My standing policy on Facebook so far has been to accept pretty much every friend request that I get.  I am fairly certain that I also leave every tagged photo out there, too.  The way I figure, some photo of me making a weird face is inevitably going to slip through the cracks if I do not maintain Constant Vigilance, so I’d better just look goofy in all of the photo so I can relax and people can get a consistent picture of Amanda in Technicolo(u)r.  When I apply for jobs, I prefer to apply for employment that demands at least some degree of fun; therefore my Facebook presence is not in conflict with my life values, and so it is not a liability for my future career.

My strategy on Ye Old Twit Platform has been even more insidious – to [t]wit, I am following Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, a few of my cousins, Conan O’Brien, NASA, the Smithsonian, Radio-Canada (en français), my union, select webcomics, some friends, Nathan Cullen, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, a band, a professor, a book, a magazine, all of the Kardashians, what looks like a pizza, and a movie reviewer.  Why the mixed bag?  The answer is three-fold:

(a) I’m an interdisciplinarian.  Being eclectic is, like, our thing.

(b) I’m on a quest to confound advertisers.  “Should we send her to pages that sell Republican bumper stickers or sites that advocate Dipper activities?  HOW DO WE KNOW?!  She’s all over the place!”

(c) The saying is ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’  I’m not saying that’s why I’m in Canadian Studies, I’m just saying that it never hurts to know what the other team is up to.  Unless they are planning you a surprise party and you ruin it for yourself, but then you’ll have advance notice so you can dress up for it.  Net gain, yet again.

I blog to record my growth as a scholar, thinker, writer, and person.  Hopefully, it will be the onwards and upwards type of growth.  Ideally, it will also cyber-stand as a testament to others who write or go to school forever – you will grow, and chance, and learn, and it will be awesome!  Mostly, I like writing, and I find that I prefer writing for an audience over journaling or keeping a diary.  I feel like blogging keeps me honest while academia keeps me off the streets and out of the pool halls.  Thanks for coming with me on this journey of snarky self-discovery!  WHOO HOO!

Other people like to cull their Facebook photo tags, creep on Twitter without posting twits, avoid Facebook altogether, blog sporadically, use pseudonyms, remain Luddites, or enjoy other alternatives not listed here.  That’s all cool with me – I’m just explaining my preferences and policies here to show you what a forward-thinking (or possibly foolish and short-sighted) lady I am.

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