Once upon a time….

When I was in Grade 2/nd grade (I do speak English – Canadian and US!), my parents gave me a book series about an orphan who resided on a magical island.  She lived a carefree life filled with luck (both good and bad) and adventure, practiced an exotic mystical religion, had an over-active imagination, made friends with mysterious strangers, travel(l)ed, grew up to be a teacher in the strange land, wrote love letters, had encounters with strange diseases, and started a family.

Fast forward a few years, and I found out (directly or indirectly through the Irish Children’s Fund student my family hosted named Cherene – and if you’re on the Internet, get in touch with us!) that the exotic, mystical religion in the book was not, in fact, a Tolkien-style (read: fictional) belief system, but rather a real-world religion called Protestantism.  That explained the quaint aphorisms that filled the book (stuff about “Providence”), but the wonders did not stop there!

I managed to somehow look at a map or meet some Canadians (I forget which came second), and I found out that the magical island was actually accessible by boat and by bridge!  That’s right, Prince Edward Island is a place you can actually go to!  Turns out that Anne of Green Gables is still a fictional character, even though her religious affiliation and setting turned out to be real things.  That was a little disappointing, but I consider all of that enlightenment an overall net of awesome.

If you’re looking for Anne of Green Gables-type entertainment with more of an Ontario bent, or if you just like reading good books, may I recommend The Blue Castle, which I only recently discovered thanks to EZH.

The world’s a funny place, which is lucky for me, because I like to laugh.

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2 Responses to Once upon a time….

  1. Lorna says:

    Raised Protestant, I chortled my coffee through my nose at “practiced an exotic mystical religion”.

    Thanks – I needed that. Although the sound track from the musical (which I’ve seen twice) will be running through my head for the rest of the day potentially ruining my chance for success on my oral exam. “Where is Matthew going? And why is he going there? Matthew Cuthbert never, Never goes anywhere…”


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