Part I: In Which Everything Goes According to Plan

As I think I may have mentioned, I have been privileged to teach a week-long course through the Enriched Mini-Course Program at Carleton University twice now.

This year, I overhauled the course content to include a unit on political cartoons, and everyone in the class agreed that this was the best one:

Harper, Ignatieff, and Layton at Parliament (by Mike)

It shows Stephen Harper eating a doughnut label(l)ed “ego,” and he’s so full of himself that he’s crushing Parliament.  Jack Layton is struggling to hold up the Peace Tower while Ignatieff runs back to America-land.  The caption got cut off a bit, but it says “Stephen Harper: Too full of himself to do the right thing.”  Mike’s commentary was amusing and relevant in light of the recent Canadian election, and particularly cutting coming from a Grade 8/th grade student.

The image met with much critical acclaim from my network of friendly Canadianists and historians internationally, and we even fired it off to the Toronto Star, but they might not have known what to do with an unsolicited political cartoon submission!

That unit actually went better than I had hoped or planned, since it was untried and untested, so I’ll definitely revisit it in the future!

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