I don’t want to get a Z(ed) minus!

Sometimes I really don’t know what a thesis statement is, but my attempts often consist of some pretty great pictures.

If that doesn’t explain it, I don’t know what will. 

I recently wrote a paper about Santa Claus, which is one of the many reasons that  I love my interdisciplinary graduate program.  I’m only giving you the abbreviated Cole’s / Cliff’s Notes version for now, but when I publish it, I’ll link you to all of my rad jokes and awesome analysis.

PS All images remain copyright of their respective creators, assembled here only for your amusement and not for profit or privateering purposes.  Featured characters include Santa Claus, Nevlana of the Northern Lights, Miss Canada, Cousin Jonathan, Mother Britannia, Wonder Woman,  Captain America, and Santa Claus by Thomas Nast.

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