Phila / Philly / Philadelphia / Fresh Prince’s Hometown / oops I accidentally wind up talking about how much I love Montreal

We are living on the east coast at the moment and taking advantage of being within driving distance of super-cool things like the Franklin Institute.  Other than getting inexplicably honked at a bunch of times (just kidding, the explanation is our out-of-state plates), we had a great time at happy hour at Embassy Suites (all you can… eat…. pretzels.  Hi, Grandma!), and we had a wonderful time playing with all of the exhibits at the Franklin Institute (named for the inquisitive and electrifying Benjamin Franklin).

One time in Montreal (circa 2005), we heard about this thing called the Biosphere, billed as “the world’s only museum dedicated to water.”  I was like “sounds pretty lame” but Jim Jim was all “canwegopleaseiwannagoprettypleaseitwillbesoawesome.”  Turns out, it was actually the greatest thing ever!  We started our trip to the museum (formerly the US pavilion at Expo 67) by posing for a green screen Phantom Zone style.  That picture remains on my mom’s fridge to this day.  Then we walked on water, played with toilets (part of the exhibit was to demonstrate how much water people in some parts of the world get to drink in a week versus how much fresh water people living near the Great Lakes flush down the toilet), learned about Buckminster Fuller, and generally had a huge museum full of hands on, made for children exhibits to ourselves.  AND we got the student rate.  Just goes to show you, the world’s only museum dedicated to water is totally awesome!

This relates back to the Franklin Museum because it was a similar experience.  Our friend Erin was like “It’s so awesome, there is all this science stuff!” and I was like “okay, whatever” but it turned out that my apathy was incredibly misplaced.  There was all this awesome science stuff!  We played with pulleys and levers and a giant claw game and crushed a garbage can and touched everything and walked through a heart (that part I don’t recommend because it’s made for pretty small children).  The next day, we went back and got to make paper and do metal puzzles (don’t get me started on puzzle rings, though) and watch a pendulum (funner than it sounds).  It was similar to (but smaller than) Chicago’s wicked sweet Museum of Science and Industry.

In conclusion, museums are the best, and we’ll have to go back, because Philly is quite close, the Franklin Institute is great, and we have yet to enjoy a Philly cheesesteak or lick the Liberty Bell.

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