Philadelphia Round 2: Cheesteaks for the Win

The Pat’s versus Geno’s debate rages on, but Jim Jim and I have made up our minds.

The day started out with bright lights in the big city of Philadelphia.

Geno's Steaks looks promising! Flames set in neon lights are always solid indicators of a good time. Plus, they call themselves "The Best!" Nobody makes such claims unless they are serious and have conducted rigorous scientific experiments.

We walked up to the counter and ordered. To be accurate, Jim Jim ordered one cheesesteak with Provolone for us to share. That’s when we noticed something a little unusual…

Don't panic, lots of people have shrines for different things. Like traffic collision victims. And the Virgin Mary. And police killed in action by what is supposed to sound like a terrorist.

As we dined in the unnatural glowing light of our orange surroundings, we noticed that that the shrine-esque decor extended along the wall.

The entire wall, to be precise.

In the spirit of autoethnographic blogging, I went back to the car to get the camera so we could document this experience.

It's like e-mail forwards from the GOP exploded in paper form everywhere.

Overall, Joey Vento‘s place struck us as a tad bit… well… racist. Or, at any rate, quite strange, what with the draconian “ORDER IN ENGLISH” signage.

I mean, it's just excessive.

Not to mention, I learned that I am totally getting ripped off – if sneaking into the United States gets you free health care and a pony, I am obviously living the wrong American dream.

Last one, I swear.

After that, we were a bit hesitant to venture over to Pat’s, so we stopped in a pub between the two establishments for a light beverage. The bartender reassured us that Pat’s was much better and so, thus refreshed, we ventured forth on our quest to taste the rival of Geno’s.

No bright lights, but I do love me some puns.

Indded, a Pat’s cheesesteak with provolone was better. Maybe it’s the grease or the cheery customer service or the, I don’t know, lack of emphatic anti-immigrant vitriol all over the walls, but we’d take Pat’s over Geno’s any day.

There's Jim Jim angrily enjoying a fine cheesesteak from Pat's! He's angry at being told to speak English in America. This is a melting pot, people. We all speak soup.

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