Guest Post: Communication is the Key to a Good Life

On the internet I can watch anything, talk to anyone, and write anything. Youtube, Hulu, and other sites allow me to watch shows that I miss on TV or discover new shows to watch. Facebook, twitter, and tumblr allow me to talk to new people while keeping in touch with friends and family. When I was younger I rarely ever watched TV and didn’t have a computer or cell phone to communicate. When I did watch TV or talk to it was not on the computer and not for very long. Now that Hollywood is creating more shows and easier ways to watch them I have the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars or Misfits at my finger tips.

In Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho, Jesse felt safe on the internet because he felt like he belonged, he and Eric, as well as other geeks “were still together in their aloneness” (Katz, 68). Similarly, I don’t belong to a specific group at school or in life but that usually suits me; I feel that when others judge you they define you by your group. Sometimes when with a random group of friends when someone feels left out I make them feel included, but that’s not always the same way people treat me. I have many friends that are in multiple groups and we all can communicate verbally and through technology. Social websites bring people closer together and creates better connections and acts as a whole different world that everyone can belong to and not feel left out.

Jesse Dailey’s opinion on life is that “you cannot get through it without learning how to communicate with people” (Katz, 122). In order to keep in touch with new people I meet at school or on trips I can communicate through technology: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and texting. “I don’t think I could last a week without my cell phone” says my cousin, Anthony. Because I travel to other countries often, I can survive over a week without most technology and I survive. Using social networking helps me connect with friends and acquaintances to learn more about them.

Similarly to geeks, I have a mild addiction to technology although I use it differently and less frequently. We both upload music, movies and software, but unlike geeks I buy my entertainment. I also use it to keep in touch with people that I know rather than play games and create software, programs, and websites. People feel that they have to have the latest technology in order to fit in with society, but I don’t believe that is how I must live. I don’t need the latest Mac or smart phone to communicate with my friends and family; I would much rather prefer face-to-face but I often get roped into the world of technology.

Another benefit with technology I can keep in contact with [my friend] while he is in Germany. When he was residing at my house he was able to stay in contact with his family through e-mail and Skype. When [he] wanted to go out with friends he used his phone to let my family know where he would be and when he would be there. My family often has visitors from all around the world and in order to keep in touch with them we use technology; we can use our cell phones, Facebook, and e-mail to keep up with other’s lives.

My family best communicates through e-mail because we are usually spread out throughout the world. While my oldest sister resides in Urbana, [my other sister] teaches and learns in Spain, [my third sister] goes to college in St. Louis, and my dad travels a lot for work. We are all so far from one another, but e-mail brings us closer together. We can share experiences and talk about different friends that we meet wherever we are. When they all return, they can also continue to communicate with friends that they have meet while away from home.

Rather than spending time reading or being with family and friends, our source of entertainment is playing video games, watching movies and TV online, and chatting with friends that live down the street. I would prefer the former. Communication is important in order to make a relationship stronger with friends. For communicating through technology, I favor Facebook and texting; I have my phone on me most of the time and check Facebook whenever I have wireless internet, which isn’t always a positive thing. Facebook and texting serve as a distraction for when I’m trying to accomplish an important task, like homework. My solution is to have my phone, computer, and iPod off and out of my room, but I don’t always follow through.

Our world has come a long way with technology and it has helped make communicating and learning much easier. Having everything available to us is beneficial; knowing information and how to get it is important to me and the internet is a quick and simple way to do this. If I have a question about a date in history, want to understand how to do a math problem, find out when movies are coming out, and learn new things the internet can help me. I can also use the internet to find out the latest information on celebrities, classmates as well as gossip, news, and rumors. On twitter, I can follow my favorite celebrities and find out what they are up to and when they’ll be in concert, in town, or a new movie.

— This guest post was brought to you by TT, a high school junior (Grade 11). Good luck with school this year! :-)

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