Tools of the trade, a la Katie Beaton

Recently, we were hosting a guest in the space I am using as an office while I write my dissertation (or, on most days, blog). As I tidied up in anticipation of not horrifying someone who is not related or married to me by my piles of papers, mail, books, articles, magazine advertisements, and so forth, I realized that there’d be no better time to showcase my dissertation writing space.

I got the idea for such a project from a series of blog posts about their work spaces compiled by NYC cartoonists, in particular one Katie Beaton who shares my affinity for Canadian history and culture. Other than five bookcases full of books, stacks of paper, and more books, I use crazy pens and fancy paper like the cartoonists, particularly architecture- and art-caliber notebooks left over from my early days, which come in handy in my contemporary days.

Join me on this epic journey into my very cluttered working space. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

This is the door to my sanctuary of academic pursuits.

Please note the jaunty “do not disturb” door hanger, which I got at a graduate school fair at McGill once upon a time to gift to Jim Jim, along with the snide remark that you’d never catch me writing no thesis. Past Amanda was not looking out for Future Amanda. Except when it comes to school supplies.

This is what you get when you and your partner spend most of your lives in school: a drawer full of billions of staples, pens, highlighters, markers, and pencils. Pens everywhere! 500 of them.

Besides writing my dissertation, I run a business as a freelance editor, snarky amateur cartoonist, pirate-themed purse-sewer, and professional button-maker out of this room, so I need some creative inspiration on the wall.

Did I mention that I love getting mail?

I have some appropriate decorations in place, too, since my dissertation is about cultural cartography and stuff.

This passion for maps is likely derived from my parents, who have the wall-sized National Geographic world map up in their kitchen, which benefits many conversations with CouchSurfers, foreign exchange students, and domestic friends alike.

And, last but not least, I present my desk, covered with comprehensive exam (#1) readings below a painting, all of which I have yet to finish:

I cleaned my desk up just for this photo.

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2 Responses to Tools of the trade, a la Katie Beaton

  1. AYuen says:

    cool tour! it’s very Amanda :-)

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