Education or Bust?

The RSAnimate video by Ken Robinson has been making the rounds of the Internet (and my email outbox), but I’d like to share it with you here because it is nothing short of amazing. Its profound message is only enhanced by the accompanying whiteboard animation, and I urge you to watch all 11 minutes (I know, I know, you could win like six battles in Puzzle Quest or Angry Birds in that time, but trust me, this video is thought-provoking and awesome). For those of you with an affinity for British accents, you’re in luck.

Robinson’s message ties rather neatly with Derek Rasmussen’s “Qallunology: A Pedagogy for the Oppressor.” This is also well worth a read, fairly brief, and not very dense. Again, just another entry point to consider how easy it is to treat education as a scarce resource in capitalist societies (*ahem* JSTOR *cough*). Ditto to deified academic positions. However, other scholars have pointed out the benefits of advanced medical care, while still others have noted the disadvantages of Southern medical service as a (figurative) cure-all for Northern communities. Like the debate, people carry on.

(See Pramod Parajuli’s response to Rasmussen in “Geographies of Difference and the Crisis of Knowledge.”)

Happy watching and reading!

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