I <3 The Brothers-in-Law

In the interest of driving myself crazy

Because I hate sleeping

To stay current in scholarship and keep my course content New & Exciting, and based on the awesome work the students did in a past Carleton mini-course, I have decided to transition from teaching with superheroes to teaching with political cartoons!

Ergo, for the Illinois Math and Science Academy 2012 Intersession, I will be doing THIS:

This course will introduce students to the history of sequential art through examples from international political cartooning. By working with primary documents, students will develop tools for conducting visual analysis and critically reading images. Activities will include mini-lectures, hands on activities, and group discussions to encourage students to think critically about nationalism, political cartoons, and social change. Based on their independent research and interests, students will develop five different political cartoons on international, federal, state, municipal, and IMSA issue(s) or politician(s) of their choice, with the goal of publication in appropriate newspapers. Drawing skills are not required for this class. Stick figures, computer generated images, and collaboration with other students will be an acceptable means to an end.

As part of developing my New & Improved curriculum, I watched “The Hecklers,” an NFB [that’s code for the Canadian National Film Board] documentary about Canadian political cartooning.

The soundtrack for the documentary was provided entirely by The Brothers-In-Law, a hilarious group which I want to have as the real focus of this post.

First of all, they’re called “brothers in law” because the four original band members were police officers who did music on the side. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

So far, I’ve only been able to locate one of their songs on the Internet (careful with that link – it’s a song about birth control accompanied by a still image of a record sleeve, and the song was considered unfit for radio broadcasting in the 1960s).

Research can take you funny places.

Those links should keep you busy for at least three minutes, and if anyone knows where to find recordings of their songs, I would be Suitably Impressed.

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