Dan Akroyd: Like a Boss

A recent incident reminded me of an amusing third-hand anecdote:

Once upon a time, a Canadian lady was walking home from the grocery store in the rain in Kingston, Ontario. As you may or may not know, Dan Akroyd is (was? never sure how to deal with those citizenship debacles) a Canadian actor-turned-vitner, who operates out of Ontario-land. This is relevant because said Akroyd pulled up to the lady and asked her if she’d like a ride home, since it was raining and she was loaded down with bags of groceries.

Her first instinct, which was probably a Good Thing, was to decline a ride from a strange man. His reply? “I’m not a stranger! I’m Dan Akroyd!”

She knew the name and hopped into the car for a dry ride home. They made small talk and, in an effort to be super-polite (whether or not you can consider this politeness Canadian-style will be debated in my forthcoming article), she wanted to compliment his work as an actor. “I loved you in … … … … … Big?” she ask/said.

(Big, as you can find out from following the link, is a classic 1988 coming-of-age tale staring the magical Tom Hanks. Dan Akroyd is not in it. Not even a little.)

The equally polite, excessively gentlemanly, and extremely courteous Dan Akroyd (of Ghostbusters, Blues Brothers, and other assorted famous movies) simply smiled and said “Thanks.”

That is how to be famous.

NB: When that lady got home, she went on IMDB and smacked herself in the forehead for her faux paus.

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3 Responses to Dan Akroyd: Like a Boss

  1. AYuen says:

    Good story! Indeed very gracious. And a Carleton alumni too. (Thanks Google)

  2. Herald7e says:

    Really sweet story! Do you know if it’s the same as this one?

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