Blast From The Past Vol. 2

A while back, I posted about my brief foray into the wonderful world of architecture.

While preparing my All New, Improved, & Crunchier class for the IMSA Intersession program, I had reason to venture down into the towering black filing cabinet in our garage (which I procured for $5 back in aught six. Booyah!).

There is a lot of stuff in that filing cabinet, including every piece of mail I’ve ever gotten, and all of the school assignments that anyone (named me) has bothered to save. It’s true, I am a pack rat, and it is usually not that much of a problem since I keep my files organized, but this dissertation has made me rethink my system. I have accumulated So. Much. Paper! Poor trees. (It’s not even the paper that’s the issue – I have got a mad .pdf organization problem, too, despite my [admittedly limited] efforts with Mendeley.)

At any rate, I went into that filing cabinet to find some things to help me with my class. And I sure did find things! I pulled out one activity book, two text books, four historical magazines, and a curious pile of maps that I had forgotten about.

I also found a few completed full-semester curriculum plans that I had completely forgotten about from my brief stint in teacher’s college (also known as the MAT at UIC). Past Amanda was really looking out for Future Amanda. There were course outlines, readings, suggested films, photocopied worksheets — the works. Score!

Just goes to show you that even if your mom is telling you to throw away (or recycle) all that stuff cuz when are you ever going to use it, taking her mom’s approach of “you never know…” actually paid off this one time.

Since we all know that anecdotes are basically the same thing as data, I’m going to stick with my pack rat system and leave a house full of mysterious old papers for my kids and grandkids to deal with. Bwahaha.

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