As Roz says, “I’m watching you, Wazowski.”

I’m reading The Dark Side of the Nation (2000) by Himani Bannerji for my second doctoral exam, hence all the citing. She writes:

[…] [The Mike Harris government in] Ontario has established a “hotline” to prompt us to report anonymously on our neighbours and anyone else whom we think might be cheating “the system.” This “snitch line” violates human dignity/human rights, creates a state of legal surveillance, and organizes people into vigilante-style relationships with on another. It brings racism and sexism to a boiling point by stimulating an everyday culture of racist sexism, and it creates an atmosphere that can only be described as fascistic. (page 72)

I wonder what she would say about the “If you see something, say something” rhetoric in transportation centers throughout the US, or Barack Obama‘s Truth Team, or the current Ontario snitch line for medicare, or the former* Borders Bookstore policy of reporting theft by fellow employees to an anonymous hotline — I can’t find any information online about Borders, but I do recall my introduction to the corporate theft hotline number from my training.

* I say former because said bookstore chain is no longer.

PS By “I wonder what she would say about…”, I actually mean “How neatly this maps onto…”.

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