Newark 2012

My dad and I are sort of famous for napping through things (like movies, small fires, class but only that one time, etc.). True to my genetic disposition, when I get on a plane, I usually fall asleep and wake up after they hand out the peanuts (bummer!).

Flying home from NYC was no different – I got on the plane and passed right out. I woke up about an hour later to find we were still on the runway. Turns out that another plane had to make an emergency landing at the airport, but there were some complications, so The Powers That Be (considerately!) halted other air traffic while emergency service providers dealt with the oops-no-landing-gear plane. (Luckily, we found out later that no one was hurt!)

Our flight wound up de-planing, grabbing some snacks, and re-boarding. The individual seated next to me found this to be a HUGE inconvenience. This person would NOT quit griping about being delayed, de-planing, re-boarding, being delayed, being hungry, being hot, being inconvenienced, running late, and so forth.

Eventually, this person asked me if I was annoyed with the situation, and didn’t I feel put out or inconvenienced? I said, “Hey, I’d rather be on this plane than that plane” as I pointed out the window to the CRASHED PLANE on the tarmac beside us. (Keep in mind, at this point, we didn’t know that everyone was okay.) The dude on my other side gave me a high five, and the person next to me didn’t speak to me for the rest of the flight.

Moral of the story? Don’t be a grouch! Especially when the thing you are annoyed about is that there was a plane crash and you feel inconvenienced. That might be the definition of a First World Problem.

Moral of the story for non-grouches? Don’t be afraid to put Energy Vampires in their place. I’ll be giving you a mental high five every time you do. :-)

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