More trash to treasure

We live in a strange, strange building that requires one to pass through three to four doors and go back outside before actually getting into our place. Other than causing people to remove their footwear prematurely, this also gives us abundant spare room for decorating.

Using leftover pieces from Bub’s Carcassone (best game ever) box as frames, flowers from wedding magazines a friend bequeathed to me, paint swatches pilfered from hardware stores, a glue gun, voided stamps (more on my vast collection later), and some costume jewelry, I brightened up our bizarre, dark (first) entryway:

I used a piece of wood, black paint, some string from the bakery I used to work at, and clothesline clips to hang up our assorted reusable bags:

(Go Bears! And NatalieDee.)

I decorated the wood with the correction strip from an old typewriter:

There you have it – yet another example of how to use all the resources at your disposal (pun intended) to procrastinate with pretty things.

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One Response to More trash to treasure

  1. A Yuen says:

    Love it!!! Very clever. Now go study!! :-P

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