Change that habit!

As I have slowly learned (and even more slowly begun to realize and practice), in part from my lovely life coach Lorna and in part from reading other stuff that made me realize I didn’t want my dying wish to be that I had procrastinated less, and also because I’ve gotten yelled at by my dad for liking all the things, sometimes habits need to change.

Like my Facebook problem. It wasn’t actually much of a problem, per se. I didn’t spend hours browsing the archives or stalking people from grammar school. However, every time I open my browser to legitimately look something up (a feat I accomplish quite often as I study furiously and research madly), I would just take a quick peak at Facebook. Those minutes added up to at least an hour every day and, what’s worse, they would totally derail my original research question for even longer.

In an effort to become a better researcher, I am now using two Firefox (if you are reading this on Internet Explorer… it might be time to break that habit!) add-ons to manage my internet usage. I heretoforth recommend to you BlockSite and LeechBlock.

With BlockSite, I straight up blocked myself from Facebook and Reddit, two pages that rarely have much to do with my research – but do have tidbits often enough that I’ll always check. LeechBlock allows you to block certain websites during certain hours, so I have left myself 30 minutes each day during specified times to check my email, which, again, has less to do with my research than it should, but does so more often than the other two!

Best luck to you in fending off your procrastinatory projects! I have taken up quilt-making to replace the Facebook-sized hole in my life.

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5 Responses to Change that habit!

  1. Timmy says:

    Less is more are words to consider and sometimes live by Panda Lou. I love you.

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