Canadian Studies, Friendship Bracelets, & Spite

If you’re living your life well, it should be difficult to write a 150-word (or character!) synopsis of it, but sometimes you just have to do your best (say, for the School of Canadian Studies website):

Once upon a time, Amanda Murphy(ao) fell out of a canoe while singing French-Canadian voyaguer songs on a high school field trip outside of Chicago.  This, along with some time in a castle with some sarcastic Canadians, inadvertently (but fortuitously) led to a lifetime of fascination with Canada.  Her MA (Carleton) research paper topic was “Nelvana of the Northern Lights,” and her PhD research will likely have something to do with representations of subalternaity in Canadian visual culture.  In her abundant spare time (between keeping after her three globe-trotting sisters, her [ninja] partner in crime, her French best friend, editing projects, and staring down microfiche), she makes buttons and other snarky things and hosts lavish tea parties.

Ditto your research projects, but you need an elevator sound byte for those times you find yourself in an elevator.

Catchy blog post titles don’t hurt, either, but people might get mad at you if you don’t ever explain the friendship bracelets.

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