Kudos to the United States Postal Service Plantation Branch

The Plantation location of the United States Postal Service — which can be found at 7580 NW 5th Street in Plantation, Florida — is the finest post office I have ever been to.

As an avid travel(l)er and prolific mailer, I have been to a LOT of post offices. To list but a few, I’ve gone to post offices in Chicago, New York City, California, Alaska, Indiana, Dublin, Budapest, Madrid, England, Scotland, Wales, okay I think you get the point.

During our first week in Floriduh, I went to the Plantation branch twice to mail letters and packages. The first time I entered the building, I was amazing at the tidiness of the facility. Furthermore, there were three clerks working behind the counter and signs posted everywhere that said “Our goal is to serve you in under 5 minutes. If you wait for more than 5 minutes, ask to see the General Manager.” I was like whaaaaaaaaat? Seriously, has anyone out there ever waited for an increment of time measurable in minutes (rather than hours) at the post office? Or seen such a sign?! I wasn’t sure it was a real post office after that, but they had all the boxes…

So, I grabbed a box and started to put the birthday present that I was sending in to it. The dude at the counter next to me was using the Priority tape that workers at other post offices never let you see, let along touch, let alone use on your own packages. I figured he was going to get busted any minute now, but instead he finished packaging his items and passed the tape along to another customer at the urging of the postal clerk behind the counter. Then I really doubted that I was at a real post office. But they had the uniforms…

So, I got in line to pay someone in a (surely fake) uniform for my box, newly acquired packing tape (organized! on the shelf! the well-stocked shelf!), and shipping fees. True to their signage, in about two minutes I was being served. The postal clerk who helped me asked if I wanted to move my items from a Priority box to a Flat Rate Box to save money. My mind, it was blown. Who asks that? Who, in the history of services provided by the United States government, has tried to save you money? Probably no one if you’re Canadian, but definitely no one if you are an American (US).

When I said the gift wouldn’t fit in a Flat Rate Box, the clerk told me that next time, instead of buying packing tape, I could just use the Priority tape for free. WILL THE KINDNESS NEVER CEASE?!?

I sent off that round of mail and called my mom to report on the wonders I had seen.

The next time I went to the Plantation post office, there were three clerks working again. They were smiling, friendly, nice, and the clerk who helped me tried to save me money again by giving me a Priority envelop. When I declined the offer, he encouraged me to use the Media Rate to send the book I was mailing to my dad for Father’s Day. We exchanged pleasantries all down the line of clerks, and now I am blogging about how amazing it was.

On the one hand, I will say that the post office has a tough gig, delivering mail to everybody’s door (or box) come hail or high water. I’m not knocking every other post office I’ve been to, because I know they were just getting their job done (often despite staffing and budget shortages).

However, I will say that the Plantation post office has the best service of any post office I have been to ever, internationally or otherwise. Those folks know what they are doing and they do it well. If you have a choice when using a post office, and usually you kind of don’t, choose the Plantation post office, because it is such an awesome post office that I doubt it is in any way affiliated with the USPS. The people who work in that magical place probably took all my Dora the Explorer stuff and the Father’s Day card and sold it on ebay.

But they were really friendly about it, so it’s okay by me.

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