“Four years of college and plenty of knowledge have earned me this useless degree”

If you have ever participated in a ListServ, or even a particularly heated “Reply All” war, you know that things can get really heated really quickly over pretty inane details. Luckily, scholarship is no exception! (See: hateful footnotes everywhere.)

On the other hand, ListServ communities (and even some “Reply All” wars, and even fewer Internet Forums) can serve a useful purpose. For example, a history ListServ that I am happily a part of provided the following references (in order of appearance) regarding the troublesome job prospects for history graduates:

– Anthony T. Grafton and Jim Grossman, No More Plan B: A Very Modest Proposal for Graduate Programs in History, Perspectives, October 2011.

– Anthony T. Grafton and Jim Grossman, Plan C, Perspectives, November 2011.

– Jesse Lemisch, Occupy the American Historical Association: Demand a WPA Federal Writers’ Project, Truthout, 2 December 2011.

– Claire Potter, History and the Politics of Scholarly Collaboration, Part
I: Or, Why Anthony Grafton is a Rock Star, Tenured Radical, 19 December 2011.

– Daniel Hertz, What to Do about Historians Job Crisis, In These Times, 9 January 2012.

Read at your leisure. Then discuss.

[The title of this post is from none other than Avenue Q, which spoke to my very tormented 20-something soul that one time when I was in New York City and having a wonderful time and going to a Broadway show. My life, it is a struggle of the privileged.]

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