If I were a rich man…

I’m a bit late to the party–just kidding, racism is the party that keeps on going–but I’d like to point you in the direction of two articles I found quite interesting from 13 December 2011. Both are in response to a Forbes article that I refuse to link to because I don’t want them getting any more hits:

– Cord Jefferson, “An Ode to a ‘Poor Black Kid’ I Never Knew: How Forbes Gets Poverty Wrong

– DNLee, “If I were a wealthy white suburbanite

As always with blogs whose readerships aren’t as friendly as mine, I advize [sic, it’s my preferred spelling] you not to read the comments.

The reason I am sharing these now, rather than sooner, is twofold. First of all, I write  posts months in advance (because that’s how much I love to write and also to ensure that I never fall behind my schedule). Secondly, avoiding the furor of up-to-the-second tweets and twits allows me some space for sober second thoughts. (For a well-worded justification, see this thoughtful post by Liana Silva.)

That’s not to say I’ll never post things that are incorrect or that I’ll never change my mind after posting something, it’s just to say that I make an effort to do at least a minimal Google fact-check game and think for more than half a second about what I submit to the seemingly endless archive of the Internet.

I applaud DNLee and Cord Jefferson for replying so promptly and thoughtfully to the Forbes piece, and I appreciate their efforts. That I appreciate them from a distance of a few months does not make a difference to the merit of their work.

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