Palm trees and parking lots

Recently, I found myself seated outside of a mall in Florida. (I find every store, coffee shop, book store, and indoor setting in Florida to be freezing, with the A/C set to 0 Kelvin and the doors wide open to entice passerby to their untimely death by pneumonia. And I, foolishly, only brought one sweater to Florida in the summer. What was I thinking?!)

There I was, I was sitting on a bench in the pleasant fresh air of the great Florida outdoors, with my feet up to avoid any stray 6-foot beetles or alligators (I have a healthy fear of nature), when I overheard the following non-ironic comment uttered into a passerby’s cellphone: “Anyway, I am walking in to my very, very important bikini waxing appointment.”

As she was saying this, I was reading the following sentence in a book: “How are we to understand the mnemitechnics of the route as an idiographic succession of the topoi?”

To add further dissonance to the entire experience, a cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” (wherein she decries the way we “pave paradise [and] put up a parking lot”) came on the mall speaker system (arranged like Disney’s, so you are always an optimal distance from the music).

Let’s recap: I was sitting in a mall parking lot (paved Everglades), reading about idiographic succession, overhearing a waxer relay its importance, and listening to a cover of Joni Mitchell’s lament against consumerism.

That, my friends, is Florida in a nutshell.

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2 Responses to Palm trees and parking lots

  1. A Yuen says:

    brilliant vignette!
    your juxtaposition of the non-ironic comment and the line from your book, by the way, reminded me of one of my favourite social media personalities:

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