Carleton University Service Excellence Award 2011

It’s time for nominations this year, so I thought I’d share my nomination from last year as a prompt to any CanStud readers… Feel free to endorse my renomination this year! :-)

The team I want to nominate is:
Canadian Studies Administrative Staff

Team Contact Names:
Lori Dearman and Cathy Schmueck

The Service Excellence criteria are caring, professional, responsive, reliable, courteous, and personalized service. Please elaborate on how this team consistently delivers service that meets or exceeds expectations, based on all of these criteria.

Ms. Dearman and Ms. Schmueck work together to make the School of Canadian Studies on the twelfth floor of Dunton Tower a great place to study, socialize, network, and collaborate. They are approachable and friendly, helping students with everything from paperwork and class registration to hole-punching and coffee breaks. Each time they help students, they do it with a smile (and, quite often, a piece of candy!).

They make sure that the student lounge is well-stocked and homey (with plants, pillows, reading material, coffee supplies, and a constant stream of snacks!). They encourage the growth of the program at the undergraduate and graduate levels through their pleasant demeanors, approachable attitudes, inviting office spaces, and generally sunny dispositions. They are in the office bright and early every day to ensure that classrooms, lounges, and offices are open and ready for students.  Through their technological know-how, they help professors, instructors, and students get computers, displays, and sound systems set up for lectures and class presentations. They know each student by name and greet us warmly when they see us in the morning (or as we are burning the midnight oil in our offices!).

Along with planning many social events for the School of Canadian Studies each term, Ms. Schmueck and Ms. Dearman work with numerous committees to promote the future of the School, the longevity of our program, and the success of students in Canadian Studies. Thanks to their efforts, the School of Canadian Studies is a wonderful place to call my academic home and to work, study, and socialize.

If you have specific examples of this team going the extra mile, please list them here:

Ms. Dearman and Ms. Schmueck go above and beyond the call of duty to plan community-building events for the School of Canadian Studies. In the fall term alone, they helped to coordinate a Halloween party for students, friends, and family affiliated with Canadian Studies, and hosted a farewell party for our Director. They installed a new coffee machine in the lounge so that students and teachers can have beverages during their meetings on the floor without going into the dreaded elevators during hectic times.

Ms. Schmueck oversees the Canadian Studies Chapter of the Alumni Association, served on the search committee for a new School director, and works with other administrators to coordinate a day-long monthly seminar class (a process that includes food, transportation, and other accommodation!). Ms. Dearman helped many students enroll in their courses at the last minute, ensuring a happy, stress-free, and successful academic term! Together, they are an awesome team of administrators who make life for students, faculty, and visitors extremely pleasant, productive, and fun.

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