You win some, you lose some…

In an effort to pay attention to things going on around me, I read up a bit on a study that Carleton did, and then I signed a letter in solidarity with a protest about poor methodology.

Shortly thereafter, I volunteered to go to a Graduate Students Association (GSA) council meeting, because I’m a sucker for a good time. While listening to my colleagues in attendance, I came to realize that there are many differing opinions about the wording of the protest letter, and I might have accidentally signed a protest letter that may merit its own protest. But, it’s the internet, so no takies-backsies.

In conclusion, the GSA penned another, perhaps clearer, letter, and one that I would have had the wherewithal to write (or at the very least, sign) in the first place if I weren’t so busy blogging (and writing my dissertation – in fits and starts).

What is the moral here? It’s a bit trite, but maybe you do win some and lose some.

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