See what I did there?

A few weeks ago, I was a delighted participant in a class at the Living Letter Press. I had a vision, based on my idea to give everyone C-H-A-I for Christmas (go look again…), and it came to fruition in the very fun two-week class (one night each week).

I do not envy people from Olden Times all the effort they had to put into newspapers in The Past. Every space that doesn’t have a letter showing (above) had to be filled in with a spacer, Tetris-style. That was probably the most time-consuming part of the class, but it was pretty fun to see how the various letterpress machines worked.

In case I didn’t get to send you a present because mailing food to Canada is illegal, here’s the recipe I used to make this year’s gifts:

Fancy Chai Ingredients

Star anise
Brown sugar
White sugar
Whole pepper corns
Candied ginger flakes
Type of loose leaf tea (I used Earl Gray)

Fancy Chai Instructions

Heat 5-6 cups of milk on medium heat

Empty contents of jar into just boiling milk

Reduce heat and simmer 7-10 minutes

Strain and serve, warm or iced


The milk may have a slight film on it in the pot. This will get strained out!

A more tightly knit strainer will hold back more of the seasoning particles. There will likely still be a bit at the bottom of your mug, so be careful on that last sip.

More milk will reduce the kick of the ginger and other spices. Less milk will make the flavor more concentrated and potent, if you like getting kicked in the teeth by a cup of tea.

You can also use a combination of milk and water for a lighter tea.

Season with nutmeg over whipped cream to taste. Enjoy, and Happy Holy Days!

Check out the rad piratical wingding.

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