It’s every* cartoonist’s favo(u)rite day of the year!

* I always tell my students never to use absolutes, such as “always” or “never” or “every,” in your writing. Ever.

There are some real gems in the cartoon world about The New Year. Most of them (that I have seen in a Canada / US, mainly English-language context), shockingly, involve a baby and an old man.

Here are some old ones that I like:

1875 Jan 2 coverFrom 1875 (the new year is actually a lady!)

baby_new_yearFrom 1905 (shut the book on that)

Globe and Mail - 2 Jan 1954 New Year CartoonFrom the Globe and Mail, 2 January 1954

If you’ve seen some you’d like to share, feel free to add links in the comments. :-)

I’m especially interested in symbols and cartoons that feature languages other than French, English, and Spanish (though you should send those along, too!), but only very tangentially to my current project, which is my dissertation, which is why posts are probably going to be shorter from here on out. That’s good for you, because it means more pictures!

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