Have you lost your marbles? (Or Whaaaat? – Part 2)

For reasons that I will soon be outlining in a guest post elsewhere, I really really really like the game DrawSomething. I am also a huge fan of its predecessor, Telephone Pictionary (also known as Picto-phone or Eat Poop You Cat – links go to various versions of the rules of play. I think it will become fairly clear with the examples that follow. Or, rather, unclear. Which is the point I use when we play in class: how do you communicate your thoughts on paper through symbols?! Images and words are tricksy, eh?).

In the spirit of talking about communication and maps (whee, dissertation topic – see also last post), I’d like to share with you the evolution of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” through the game Telephone Pictionary:

where in the world 1 where in the world 2 where in the world 3And there you have it: “triangles in a cap moving to America.”

I find the use of maps in communication to be quite amusing, as well as compelling pedagogical points of entry for discussions about symbols and meaning. Next time, I’ll show off some more amazing drawings that involve maps. If you come across any in your various gaming travels, do pass them along. I am hoarding examples for use in class as well as in my dissertation. :-)

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2 Responses to Have you lost your marbles? (Or Whaaaat? – Part 2)

  1. K. Murphy says:

    We like Drawception even better! ;) http://www.drawception.com

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