Maps of Texas! Yeehaw!

As part of my dissertation research, I recently read Richard V. Francaviglia’s book The Shape of Texas: Maps of Metaphors. I’ll save my commentary for the third chapter of my dissertation (which is currently pending), but I would say that I find most of his argument about the recognizability of Texas fairly compelling.

In line with my ongoing fixation on DrawSomething, I offer you these moments of communication through Texas maps:

In "Texas Maps as Metaphors," page 54.

In “Texas Maps as Metaphors,” page 54.



Where do you draw the line? When does something (particularly, a place) become recognizable? Unrecognizable? How do you (or “does one”) communicate place, ownership, identity?

And I’ll close with a delightful example from Sponge Bob Texas Pants:

Sponge Bob

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