DISCLAIMER: The following Canadian Content likely won’t make much sense to America-landers without following the handy wiki-links provided.

George Grant‘s Lament for a Nation could be retitled Ode to a Diefenbaker, because Grant loves him some John Diefenbaker:

Never has such a torrent of abuse been poured on any Canadian figure as that during the years from 1960 to 1965. Never have the wealthy and the clever been so united as they were in their joint attack on Mr. John Diefenbaker. [ad nauseum – seriously, VIMM]

(Fun fact: John and Jonathan aren’t actually the same name. I’d like to thank John-not-Jonathan for bringing this to my attention.)

After I read this, I came across some pretty amazing anti-Dief (and “Dief the Chief”) political cartoons. This one from 1965, Six Different Diefs, is one of my favo(u)rite, and I think it goes a way towards contextualizing what Grant was on about:


Thanks, Normand Hudon!

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