Adventures on Bainbridge Island

Even though I just co-authored an article about “distinctly Canadian dolls” (you know, as opposed to American Girl Dolls), so I should know a bit about childhood studies and the notion of play as formative for identity… And yet, I was still quite bemused to discover this Playmobil Ferry Boat set for sale in a toy store on Bainbridge Island:


It makes sense – if your Legal Guardians take a ferry to and from work every day, or you go shopping in the Big City across the water, a ferry would be a pretty salient feature of your young life, and a Ferry Boat set would be a reasonable enough item to find in your Island play room.

Still, it caught my eye and made me chuckle at how surprised I was to see it! Needless to say, that would probably be a special order for most toy stores in the land-locked Midwest.

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