Random generator mash-up

Some time ago, a friend sent me the Academic Sentence Generator, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure assortment of post-modern pastiche-ism:

The eroticization of desire clarifies the position of the historicization of linguistic transparency.

Now, courtesy of SS, I can also offer you the Random Political Rhetoric Generator. I quite liked:

I will not stand for an America where Mexican drug mules and Colombians can corrupt our iPhones.

While both academia and politics are ripe for parody, it does make me worry that the two are so rhetorically conflated that they have become meaningless…

Reminds me a bit of Cards Against Humanity… The game is similar to Apples to Apples (except decidedly not G-rated), and you have the option to play with the random card generator player, Rando Calrissian, who inevitably wins when we play. AND there’s a generator for THAT.

I suppose adding “humanity” to the mix shows how ridiculous the world can be more generally.

Maybe that’s something to worry about after I finish my dissertation!

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