Cirque de Soleil & The Sunshine State (Week 2 at work)


This week at the Canada Institute, I helped with a few more one-pagers about Canada-U.S. relations for members of Congress on the following fascinating topics:

– Cirque de Soleil and the TransCanada pipeline (both powering the sparkle and lights of Las Vegas)

– The shortage of oil sands workers in Alberta (hence the need to reduce immigration strictures on US workers… which we can discuss at length sometime)

– Tourism (so many Canadian snowbirds!)

I also started to work on a one-pager about human trafficking. More on that soon!

And, of course, I kept tweeting and Facebook-ing, so sorry if you don’t want to like the Canada Institute on Facebook (but if you did, the only thing I posted was the Kate Beaton comic!). :-)

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