British Humo(u)r – maybe NSFG*

This post is potentially * Not Safe For Grandmas.

1827disapprovedWith that caveat in place, you never know what you’ll find on the Internet…

I swear that I was doing research (Google image search for “alaska bigger than texas postcard”) when I came across this amazing blog post about one Donald McGill (artist of the four images in this post).

Based on a quick glance over the Google image search for his saucy seaside postcards, his work focuses on adultery, nudity, snogging (that’s British for make-outs), and double entendres.

imagesGetImage2421DC1409-Kipling-copy1This reminded me of some other British comedy set to music by none other than George Formby:

My favo(u)rite line in his wikipedia entry reads:

His 1937 song, “With my little stick of Blackpool Rock” was banned by the BBC because of the suggestive lyrics.


On a similar topic, I offer you a link to The Blank is my Blank, assuming that censorship is for chumps and you can’t get someone fired just because you have a fan blog of them posing with various canons at crotch level. Right?

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