Swipes File #4: Ganges

The Comics Journal had an interesting feature called the “swipes file” where they showed two comics or cartoons by different creators with very similar formatting. In that spirit, I offer a series of mash-ups (or possibly swipes) on similar topics from some of my archival research.

The Ganges frequently appears in cartoons and illustrations (allegorical and otherwise):

19th century by an artist associated with William Carey, (1761–1834

Infanticide in the Ganges,” circa 19th century illustration by William Carey (?)

Next, we have “The American River Ganges” by Thomas Nast from Harper’s Weekly of 8 May 1875:

amer-gangesAnd, finally, “The Canadian Ganges; or, the Contemplated Sacrifice” from Grip, 24 July 1880 (in A Caricature History of Canadian Politics, Volume 2):



Stumbled across another image on this topic, “Le Sacrifice” from 1900, which shows Sir Wilfrid Laurier feeding Canada to “Imperialism” as Charles Tupper rushes in to save the baby from the Boer War.


As seen in Hou & Hou, Great Canadian Political Cartoons (Volume 1).

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