From the peanut gallery

Yesterday, at a luncheon at the Canadian Embassy, the Canadian ambassador said–among other things–that “There’s a lot of money in this room! We’ve got representatives from the World Bank here.”

The response to this basically wrote itself. From the back table, where I was seated with three Canadian interns who–along with thirteen other Canadian youth–work from 9 am to 5 pm (and longer!) from Monday through Friday without pay for four months at a stretch, as well a fellow (unpaid) Canada Institute intern, I replied “There’s not a lot of money over here!” And no one even laughed.

Then the ambassador introduced  Christy Clark, premier of British Columbia, who spoke briefly about charging tolls for the use of bridges, followed by: “We haven’t figured out a way to charge prisoners for their use of the jail–yet!” Practically everyone in the room laughed at that.

Christy Clark’s got jokes. Me, not so much, I guess.

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2 Responses to From the peanut gallery

  1. Judith Hazlett says:

    Well, Amanda, I hope that at least your fellow interns laughed – out of their pain.
    Your blog did do this Canadian some good, however, as I felt compelled to find out who our ambassador to the U.S.A. is, and it turned out to be Gary Doer, a former NDP premier from Manitoba. The really appalling thing is that he has actually been our ambassador there since 2009, so it appears than my education in this matter was long overdue.

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