From Norway to Brazil (Week 4 at work)


This week at the Woodrow Wilson Center…

– I helped out with a seminar hosted by the Brazil Institute in association with the Canada Institute, “Brazil’s Vision on Internet Governance: Managing Sovereignty, Privacy and Technology.” (Quick summary: Canada is spying on Brazil – whaaat?)

Speakers included Jamie Hedlund, Kellie Meiman, Ronaldo Lemos, Ricardo U. Sennes, Carlos Lins da Silva, and Wesley Wark – some of whom, appropriately for a conference about Internet governance and digital sovereignty, attended via Google Hangout. The event was moderated by the hilarious Paulo Sotero and microphones were distributed during the Q&A session by two intrepid interns (myself included – go team!). Here’s the link the presentations.

– Back in the office, I helped finalize some edits to a white paper on Arctic resource extraction that the Canada Institute developed. Fun fact: the Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response Agreement is a thing.

– Other than that, I tweeted and Facebooked like a mad social media fool. (Mostly maps and cartoons – go figure.)

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