Swipes File #16: Windmills

The Comics Journal had an interesting feature called the “swipes file” where they showed two comics or cartoons by different creators with very similar formatting. In that spirit, I offer a series of mash-ups (or possibly swipes) on similar topics from some of my archival research.

Don Quixote shows up frequently in cartoons. Here are a few:

00037420 1002267_497344693672332_1838228561_n Carl Schurz is Don Quixote in this cartoon by Thomas Nast from Harper's Weekly of April 6, 1872** ADDENDUM **

Added in January 2014 when I came across it in “Political Cartoons and American Culture: Significant Symbols of Campaign 1980” by Michael A. DeSousa and Martin J. Medhurst in Studies in Visual Communication:


And here’s their commentary:

For a cartoonist like Patrick Oliphant to portray John Anderson as Don Quixote preparing to tilt at windmill is to make a complex set of statements about Anderson, Oliphant’s perception of Anderson, and the American public’s evolving perception of the third party candidate (see Figure 1). Yet it is the ambiguity of the allusion which is so problematic. Which dimensions of the literary character are being attached to Anderson? Is this Quixote the courageous man of principle fighting against all odds or Quixote the madman, foolishly tilting at windmills which can never be defeated?

UPDATE: Here’s “Don Lévesque” from 1966 by Normand Hudon:


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