Swimming snapshots


Today’s post brought to you by the spirit of a long-ago summer. Or by summer in Australia (Hi, Heather).

179714_10152961847685311_1653970808_nWhen I read “Sunny Snaps: Commercial Photography at the Water’s Edge” by Colin Harding in Art and Identity at the Water’s Edge, I came across this excerpt from the 28 September 1888 issue of The Photographic News:

One often wonders what charm the seashore photographer thinks there is in the inducement to be taken ‘as you are’. They all adopt it. A lady who has been staying at a certain watering-place says that every morning she was accosted in this way, the joke being the occasion was generally one in which she would prefer not to be taken as she was. For instance, she alights from the bathing machine with her hair damp and out of ‘friz’ and her nose and cheeks slightly red from the coldness of the water. Such a time is scarcely one to be taken ‘as you are’ yet the request is invariably made.

This reminded me of, first of all, every picture of Micheal Phelps and almost all of the Facebook photos in the world.

1000452_520626861335487_837429348_nJim Jim pointed out that “Sexy Pool Party” (safe for work / grandmas) offered a direct counter-point to the 1888 article:

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