Has anyone else noticed this?

“In mixed company there’s no question which sex has cornered the market on long-winded chatter. Men readily interrupt the speech of women, and women allow the interruption. In one systematic analysis of taped conversations between men and women, the men did 98% of the interrupting. Sociologist Pamela Fishman concluded that men are the talkers and women provide the support work that keep a conversation going. In Fishman’s study of male-female conversations, when women tried to initiate new topics, it was mostly without success. They generously followed male-suggested topics, they asked nearly three times as many questions as the men to draw them out, and they interjected frequent little boosts like “Oh, really?” to keep things perking.” – Susan Brownmiller. Feminity. Linden Press, New york, 1984: 121 (via Tumblr).
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