Tricks & Treats on the Hill (Week 5 at work)


This is a bit belated, but I thought I’d catch you up on my final weeks at the Canada Institute (which was, yes, way back around Halloween – just found this in the drafts folder):

– Did some editing (wooho[u]o!).

– Finished up some one-pagers, which have just been published:

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 5.43.02 PM(Image links to full .pdf.)

– Went to orientation in the library at the Wilson Center (finally!). They have a great collection!

– Went to a fantastic orientation at the Library of Congress (and got a shelf, and then they closed, and then they re-opened…). They have the best collection. Maybe in the entire world.

– Attended several happy hours with the fun and amazing Kluge Center scholars. Read all of the citations they gave me (of their own work and others!).

– Got to meet several amazing researchers and professors.

– Attended a congressional hearing about the North American Energy Infrastructure Act.

– Went on a delightful tour of Woodrow Wilson’s house, followed by Trick or Treating antics at embassies and dressing as Cumin (the third wheel in a Salt and Pepper costume inspired by How I Met Your Mother).


Thanks for following my adventures in DC! (Which officially, officially ended after closing up the Canada Institute booth at the Association of Canadian Studies in the United States in Tampa – another draft post that will be forthcoming…) :-)

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