Who(m)* are you calling ignorant?

In A Short History of Canada for Americans (1942), Alfred Leroy Burt wrote:

American geographies have long shown maps of the United States in full color with a blank white space north of the Great Lakes and the forty-ninth parallel. Nearly as blank were the minds of some twelve hundred high school seniors in the United States when, not so long ago, their knowledge of Canada was tested. Their ignorance, said President Hauck of the University of Maine, who conducted the inquiry, was appalling. One of these students confessed, “I am terribly ignorant in regard to Canada, and all I think of is fish, snow, cold, ice.”

I’ll do you one better. Instead of white space, I give you this misshapen blob, courtesy of Grade 3/rd Grade Amanda (1994):


Not really sure what my vision was. I guess that thing on the left is Vancouver Island? Sorry, KB! Oh, and presumably the moon is to scale, the sun is destroying the planet, South America is invisible, and I have laid claim to the Arctic Circle. Pretty sure I got an A+.

* Couldn’t decide on a title… Can YOU figure it out?

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2 Responses to Who(m)* are you calling ignorant?

  1. Bubba says:

    I think the thing on the left is Alaska, fourth grade you likely did not know what Vancouver Island was.

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