[Insert obligatory Valentine’s Day post.]

On this day, I give to you one of the oldest Valentine’s Day cards (circa 1800) available from the digitized archives of United States Library of Congress:


Inside: “To Margaret, let friendship boast [imperial] sway, your eyes his power/[?]; when all who boast have had their day, you’ll wear a spotless name. ‘Tis then your worth shall well be known, your beauty be desired. Your [temper] and your life be shown as things to be admired. Your blooming cheek shall [rose] boast. Lillies your [bossom] fair: In truth and candor mine shall toast. Your virtues true and more. Young cupid then shall sick your aid, your brows with love entwine; while you will coast, my lovely maid a faithful Valentine Edward.”

A little bit different from the mass-produced Power Rangers valentines that I’m used to.

And let’s face it, it’s probably from Edward Cullen.

May your day be swoony and full of “Inappropriate Valentines,” and may your tomorrow be full of discounted chocolates and half-priced flower bouquets.


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