Now with tags!

Recently, I decided to join this century and add tags to all of my archived posts. (Clearly, I am supposed to be marking essays.) If you look to the right (and scroll down a bit), you can find some of the more popular tags, including:


Canada Institute

Canadian Studies


comprehensive exam



library of congress



McCord Museum

nelvana of the northern lights



puppies and kitties

tiger in law


Hope this makes reading about various topics easier and therefore more enjoyable. :-)

It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve also gone through and deleted some semi-useless old posts (mostly the Sunday posts from back when I blogged every day, which all offered some variation on the refrain: “Get off the internet!”) and I’ve tried to reply to all comments (even the ones from 2011 that I thought I had answered, or may have answered via email).

This post even has a meta-tag, “tags.”

Thanks for reading!


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