“Canada-US Border” lecture digitized by a Luddite

For all that you are reading this on my blog, I can be reluctant to learn new digital things, which is why it took me about four days to upload this lecture. (And my personal desktop background appears at the beginning of each presentation. What a faux pas!)

It was my first try at this on-line course stuff, so I would appreciate any constructive feedback from seasoned on-line instructors out there (or from audience members!).

You know it’s full of cartoon maps (carto-caricatures!), so go ahead and learn about the Canada-US Border…

INTRODUCTION (Starts about 10 seconds in cuz it was my first try!)

PART 1: Maps and Cartoons

PART 2: Mapping North America

PART 3: The 49th Parallel

–> There’s a silent five minute gap in Part 3 where Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2 is playing but doesn’t have sound!

PART 4: Northern Borders

PART 5: Think Tanks Think About the Border

CONCLUSION: Does it ever really end? (Everett Soop gets the last word!)

The lecture was developed for an introductory Canadian Studies course at Carleton University, hence my glib-ness at times.

If you’re looking for tips on creating a digital lecture, all I can tell you is that I used Camtasia and Screencast and didn’t have the worst time with either (although I lost one section in Camtasia and had to re-record it, and I couldn’t figure out how to upload files to Screencast without exporting them as mp4s first, so again, any advice is welcome!).

It was hard to balance sass and jokes with utter silence, so it may be a bit dry. I’d be glad to hear from others who have made lecturing into a headset more lively!

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2 Responses to “Canada-US Border” lecture digitized by a Luddite

  1. Judith Hazlett says:

    I had a lot of trouble hearing this, Amanda. I also had trouble hearing your talk at at the Chicago Map Society meeting, but the audio on this seemed even lower to me.

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