Koozie versus cozy

April Fool’s Day seems as good a day as any to continue the “what are you doing, Canada?” segment of this blog.

Last summer while camping, the terminology regarding the most important piece of camping equipment came under debate.

Photo by Jim Jim.

Photo by Jim Jim. Dinner also by Jim Jim. Beer from Joe’s.

Apparently, Canadians (if I may speak in generalizations) call this a “cozy” (although, knowing them, they probably spell it “cosy”).

However, as some (but not all) of the USAmericans that I polled (using the “willy nilly” methodological approach to gathering data) said that obviously that item is called a koozie (and wikipedia agrees! But don’t tell anyone that I used that as a trump card).

As I pointed out to the Canadian co-campers, a cozy is basically a hat that keeps your tea pot cozy and warm, while a koozie keeps your beer cool.


We might have to agree to disagree, but it’s an interesting debate – one that corresponds to some rather neat linguistic maps that pop up on the Internet from time to time:


See also: the debate about saying “cheese string” or “string cheese” (for the entirety of HP’s visit in March).

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