“I just have to ask…”

Three of the best / my favo(u)rite questions that I have been asked about Canada (since, ya know, I have a BA, MA, and am ABD in the doctoral program in Canadian Studies) are as follows:

(1) Do they have Halloween in Canada?”

Answer: Yes, in the (US)American sense, they do have Halloween in Canada. Many Canadians do dress up and go trick or treating on Halloween. There are great sales on candy and chocolate bars on November 1, too, if that’s your thing.

(2) “Do they have gas stations in Canada?”

Answer: Yes, there are gas stations in Canada. The main difference between gas stations in the US and Canada is that the prices are in gallons (US) and thimbles (CAN) or some metric thing.

(3) If you die in Canada, do you die in real life?”




Asking questions is a useful way to learn things that you didn’t know before, and I strongly endorse the behavio(u)r. These questions are simply illuminating to me (and, likely, other Can-Stud-iers) when considering the amount of US-Canada myth debunking work yet to be done!

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