Swipes File #33: Danger, Plum Puddingson!

The Plum Pudding in Danger is a widely used trope in carto-caricatures. Here are some examples I have come across in my research:

plumpudThe Plumb-pudding in danger” by James Gillray (26 February 1805), shows William Pitt and Napoleon carving a map of the world.


“The Plum-pudding in Danger” by Draper Hill shows two dudes carving up the globe of foreign policy debate.

edward mclachlan the SDP pudding in danger 1983

“The SDP-pudding in danger” by Edward McLachlan (17 April 1983) shows Margaret Thatcher, Roy Harris Jenkins, and Michael Foot.


This caricature apparently shows the 1833 partition of the Swiss canton of Basel, with the aristocratic-conservative bourgeois (left) from Basel-City getting a smaller slice than the liberal peasant from Basel-Country. <– All of that is from Wikipedia. I did not even know there was a Swiss canton of Basel.


This “Plum-pudding” by Leslie Gilbert Illingworth (27 June 1967) shows Lyndon Johnson and Brezhnev divvying the globe.

There are lots more of these – but maybe these can tide you over and you can share them around your own dinner table. Dibs on the trident!

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