Quebec Carto-Caricatures (launch)

Just a quick note to inform you that, being of potentially unsound mind, I’ve shared my collection of Quebec cartoons over at a new blog called “Québec Carto-Caricatures.” It includes both symbolic (for example, a dog labelled “Quebec”) and cartographic (for example, the outline of Quebec) caricatures and cartoons from animation, newspapers, blogs, government publications, flyers, and other locations as I find them. I’d appreciate any additional contributions that interested parties might care to share, but for less interested parties, I offer a swipes file of sorts:

First, we see members of the 1960s Anglophone community jumping on a table to avoid the mouse of “separatism.”



Berthio (c. 1964-1967) in The Carnivalization of Politics by Raymond Morris (page 19)

In 2012, we see the Francophone figure (if his fleur-de-lys sweater is any indication) up on a table avoiding the “Anglais” mouse.

"Anglais!" Aislin, Montreal Gazette, 2012

“Anglais!” Aislin, Montreal Gazette, 2012

As we have seen before, the more things change…

Er, something about the definition of “revolution” being about “going around and around.”

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