A Uniquely Canadian Post

Can the word “Canadian” appear without the modifier “uniquely?” I feel like this must come up in the North American Free Trade Agreement, and I also feel like the answer is “not really, no. Sorry.” (Links to the [f]act that, in Canada, saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t really mean you’re sorry.)

For evidence, I offer only three things (depending on how you count):

1) The Google search for “why is canada so unique” included around 85,400,000 results. So, maybe I am offering you 85,400,003 pieces of evidence:Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 7.14.01 PM

It is worth noting that the phrase “why is america so unique” brings up over 406,000,000 results, and the Readers Digest has occasionally just listed things that “are American” in place of, ya know, articles. However, I feel like the phrase comes up less often than something like “Freedom. Eagles. America.” or “Strong. Proud. Free. Enough with the Eagles. America.” This is all quite impressionistic, though, and I’d be delighted to hear any patriotic rebuttals (subject to approval before appearing in the comments section).

(Both searches were performed without quote marks. I am The Most Scientific.)

2) On page 135 in En Route from December 2010, we find this gem:

p 135 En Route Dec 2010

Zooming in on the part I found most eye-catching (after the street-canoe):

p 135 En Route Dec 2010 zoom

3) Last (for now!), but not least, the title from “Batteaux: Uniquely Canadian Crafts” by Robert Malcomson in the journal formerly known as The Beaver, found on page 40 of the August / September 2005 issue:

The Beaver p 40 Aug Sept 2005

There you have it – a uniquely Canadian post for all you uniquely Canadian Canadians out there. (Not to be confused with the Canadian Canadians made famous in Eva Mackey’s book.)

PS Have you ever met an un-unique Canadian?

PPS Pre-emptory caveat: yes, yes, America is very special, too.

From ScaryGoRound by John Allison.

From ScaryGoRound by John Allison.


uniquely american

Spotted this mention of “uniquely American” while wandering about DC.

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